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5 Must Have Styles For The Fall

Alright Men, Let’s talk.

Summer’s winding down, and it’s time for you to start thinking about the fall. For the most part, fall is a confusing time. It’s usually not hot enough to wear shorts and a t-shirt, but it’s also not cold enough for your coats. What you need to do during fall is find the perfect balance between summer and winter. This can be hard to do, but I picked out some of the best fall styles that you can try. This is different for everyone, but here are some general guidelines you can follow for your fall fashion.

1. The Cardigan

In regards to keeping it balanced, a cardigan is quite possibly the perfect fit. Cardigans are unique in the sense that they are usually light, unlike your winter coats. Also, they can be worn casually or formally. From my own experience, I can say that it is great to wear a cardigan with a more casual style. Just grab some black jeans or chinos, a v neck shirt, and throw on a cardigan. This style never fails and can add more class to your look. I would also recommend not buttoning your cardigan. Cardigans usually have a kind of odd fit to them so it would be better to stay away from the buttons. Cardigans tend to fit tight towards the bottom end which can definitely ruin your style. Also, keep basic matching rules in mind. One of these rules being that your cardigan should not be the same color as the shirt you are wearing underneath. If your looking for a place to start, black and white t shirts can go with just about any colored cardigan.



2. Chinos

Chinos are great for two reasons. First of all, chinos are a great balance between dress pants and jeans. They have the look of your classy dress pants but keep you comfortable like your blue jeans or joggers. But what make chinos perfect for the fall? Well first of all, the temperature does cool down a bit, so you want to be wearing pants instead of shorts. It’s a well known fact that fall is the time for your more neutral colors and chino are known for their wide variety of colors. Whether you need blue, pink, white, black, and even purple, you’ll always find a matching pair of chinos.


3. Long Sleeve Henley Shirt

A long sleeve henley is one of the most ideal autumn clothing items. Henleys are different from other long sleeve shirts because they have buttons. You’ll usually see 2-5 buttons at the top. The buttons on a henley add boldness to your style which automatically ensures that they outshine your normal t shirts.. In addition to this, the long sleeves will keep you warm during the lower fall temperatures. What also makes a Henley great is the fact that it can be layered with almost all your jackets. Henleys go great with denim and bomber jackets. Take your black henley, a denim jacket, some black jeans, and you have yourself an awesome fall outfit.  With your bomber or leather jackets, you can do the same thing. Just make sure your henley is a different color than your jacket!



4. Oxford Shoes

In the summertime, you’ll see a variety of shoes like Sperrys, Vans, and your regular flip flops. In the wintertime, you’ll mostly see boots, like Chelseas. In the fall, you should try adding Oxford to your stylish shoe collection. Oxfords come in many different materials, some being leather while others are suede. There are also two different types of Oxford shoes. There are Oxford shoes and then there are Oxford boots. Oxford boots just tend to be a bit taller. However, both of these options are great for the fall. You can wear the shoes for when the weather is warmer and bring out the boots when it’s colder. Oxfords can go with just about anything. Jeans, chinos, and dress pants all look great when worn with oxfords. Speaking from my experience, brown oxfords go well with just about all your pants. If you decide to go with Oxford boots, just remember to tuck your pants into them. This ensures that you can see the whole boot and adds a manly edge to your style.



5. Hoodies

Hoodies can add so much to your fall fashion because of all the different styles available. There are a few different types of hoodies. You can have zip up hoodies, which usually look a bit more formal. You can also have a regular hoody, which has no zipper. And then there are henley hoodies, which have buttons on them. All 3 of these hoodies are great for the fall and have their own purpose. My personal favorite is the zip up hoody. If you get it right, zip up hoodies can even be styled to look somewhat formal. Grab a white-gray zip up hoody, black jeans, some Oxford shoes, and you’ve now got yourself a casual-formal outfit. This can even work with a henley hoody. As for your regular, no zipper hoodies, just put on some sweat pants and some Vans shoes; you now have a perfect fall casual outfit.



I hope you guys are now fully prepared for the new weather. Now you’ve got some new styles that you can implement this upcoming fall. The cardigan, chinos, Oxford shoes, henleys, and hoodies are guaranteed winners for your fall style. Did I leave any out? Let me know in the comments!