Why Chinos Are The Perfect Pants And How To Pick Out A Great Pair

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Chinos are a very rare phenomenon in mens fashion. They are both formal and casual. Chinos are perfect to wear on a night out or even at work. The best part about chinos is that they are as comfortable as jeans but look as professional as dress pants. For me and many others, men’s style has two pillars: 1. look great 2. feel comfortable. Chinos are one of the rare clothing articles that fulfills these two pillars

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Above are a few examples of the different types and styles of chinos. They literally fit every man’s wardrobe. Two main distinctions that I want to point out is that some chinos are more baggy while others are more fitted. I’ve always preferred less fitted chinos like the main wearing the dark blue shirt in the picture. It looks more mature and manly. Chinos that are skinny give off a more youthful appearance. A little side note, for us guys who have skinny legs, unfitted chinos are the way to go.

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Another tip I want to mention about picking out the right pair is the color. When picking out chinos, or any pair of pants, I like more neutral colors. These colors include: khaki bright white, country white, black, and navy blue. These colors can pair with just about any shirt. I typically stay away from outlandish colors like pink, purple, and red. These chinos will give you limited usage which is not great when you are trying to expand your wardrobe.

To close things out, I want to talk about the versatility of chinos. Chinos are perfect with t shirts, dress shirts, and even a suit. If you want to look awesome, feel comfortable, and maximize your wardrobe, chinos are the right fit for you.


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