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The One Exercise You Should Always Do

Men, we all have those days. Things are just too busy and we do not have time to go to the gym. There’s no shame in that. There are other important things in life, like career and relationships. Even if you feel like you are too pressed for time, always do some pushups. Pushups is a great exercise that targets a variety of muscle groups.

push ups-mens fitness-exercise

The most convincing reason to do pushups often is the fact that they are quick and simple. You can start at any pace that you want. Just pick a number like 50. If you can’t do 50 at one split it up. Do 25 and then another 25. Still too much? Do 5 sets of 10. Do you see what I mean when I say pushups are convenient and easy? You can go at whatever pace you want and you will still receive maximum benefit. Just make sure you do the right kinds of pushups for which muscles you want to target. The closer you position your hands to each other, the more you will work out your chest. The farther you position your hands from each other, the more you will work out your back. In pushups, your triceps will always get a workout.

There are so many variations for push ups. If you are interested, YouTube is filled with tutorials that detail the different types of push ups and which muscles they work out. For me, the simple, hands shoulder length apart is the best kind of pushup. It it a balance between working out your back, chest, and triceps. Before I end this, I want to share with you a great pushups strategy. Whenever you walk into a new room in your home, do 10 pushups. Why? After the end of the day, you will have probably done over 200 push ups. Think about how great that is for your body. You are only doing 10 at a time so it is easy, convenient, and will help you in the long run.


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