How To Look Awesome In A T-Shirt

You see the man above? This is an example of a great fitting t-shirt. It’s not too baggy, neutral color, and fitted at the sleeves. A mistake that I see many men make is wearing a t-shirt that is too big for them. T-shirts are a staple in men’s fashion. T-shirts are awesome because they are comfortable, look great, and show manliness. However, the right fitting t-shirt is the deciding factor in whether you look great, or confused.

The Simple Way To Pick Out A Great Looking T-Shirt

Simply speaking, to find the right fitting t-shirt, find your t-shrit size and try it on in the fitting room. An indicator that it is too small and probably does not look good is if it feels tight on the abdomen area, lower back, or chest. If it feels tight on any of these areas, you should stay away and go one size up. A shirt that is too large will usually be very baggy below the belt line and will have sleeves that almost reach your elbow. You can see the two examples below of what I am talking about when I say too tight or too loose.

body-con                       loose-large-size-mens-fashion-casual-linen-hemp-t-shirt-round-neck-short-sleeve-men-pankou-fertilizer-to-increase-the-fat-man_200053

I also want to let you in on another tip. Even if a t-shrit fits well, it will often have sleeves that are too long. Sleeves that are too long will make your arms look small and it will throw off your whole outfit. This is why I recommend always rolling up your sleeves when wearing a t-shirt, or even a short sleeve button up. When you roll up your sleeves, make sure that they still look like sleeves. Do not roll them up to tank-top level. If you buy it as a shirt, it should stay as a shirt.


What is great about using these tips is that they can make any t-shirt look great. It doesn’t matter where you get it from. When you have a great fit, you will look great in anything that you wear.

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