The Only Way To Wear A Short Sleeve Shirt

With the arrival of summer, the most stylish shirt in your closet is probably a short-sleeve button up shirt. Short sleeve button up shirts look great only when they are worn the right way. There are two mistakes that I always see men make when it comes to these shirts. For those of you who want to know the right, manly way to wear a short sleeve button up, here are my two things to avoid.

Never Button Your Top Button

There is something about the top button that just takes away the manly and stylish look of short sleeve button ups. Buttoning your top button is proven to make your chest look visibly smaller. As men, it is important that we avoid this. No one wants to be the guy with the small chest. In addition to this, the top button is uncomfortable and can make you appear tense. When you meet people, you want to look confident and relaxed in order to establish a strong, powerful presence. A top buttoned shirt just takes this away.

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Roll Up Your Sleeves

Unless you buy custom shirts, the shirts you buy in stores usually have relatively long sleeves. It is known that long sleeves can make your arms appear visibly smaller. In addition to minimizing your gains, the longer sleeves look unfitted. When your clothes fit right, you can feel it. You know the confidence you get when you look in the mirror. That confidence radiates to the people who you interact with or see in public. So, take the extra time and roll them up. (just like Ryan Gosling)


These are the two mistakes that I see most guys make. However, some people can pull off a top button and not rolling up your sleeves. It all depends on your presence. However, I find that using these two tips will always make you look better in short sleeve button up shirts. Remember, if you have any questions, contact us through the “Need Advice?”Section. Forget the image consultants, our advice is completely free.


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